Hope and Love Cards

We create beautiful cards to make people smile.
All our cards have very unique photos, and all of them were taken by Luke John. He loves taking inspirational photos. He is a poet and loves writing from his heart. We love his passion and that make us so proud to work in a company designed to achieve one beautiful thing: Make people happy.
Every card from Hope and Love is made from start to finish in the heart of Queens in New York City. We encourage you to always send cards to people you love.

Hope and Love Cards carries dozens of unique card designs. All of them are our original work made right here in New York City. All photos were taken after a vision or dream the founder had. We love emotions and we are so proud to let you know that every card from us has a beautiful meaning and everything was inspired. Thank you for reading and for your support.

Do not be afraid to fail. Use All for your strengths and means to confront your fears and rise above the confusion that lies in your mind. Then you will achieve freedom and peace in your heart and soul.
When you feel that your life is falling apart, reach out, and take someone’s hand.


About The Founder

Mr. Luke John Gasparre is a distinguished writer, poet, and musician who has produced a masterpiece of beautifully enhanced motivational words of inspirational insight into oneself and the reason that was given to you. As you read these words of wisdom on every Greeting Card, you will immediately be propelled into the author’s mind and understand his beautiful intentions on various subjects to comfort you and reduce the stress found in our world today.

Without hope, you have no chance of ever succeeding. Only you have the power to rise above your despair. The way you look at the world influences your ability to overcome the barriers in your life. You have to believe in yourself and break through negative stereotypes that you and others hold about yourself. Then you must surround yourself with positive role models to provide new opportunities to have faith and belief in yourself.